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I do love the 400. Particularly the contrast yellow stitching. I imagine it's a beautiful place to sit 👍🏻
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Post by Kev »

WShudds wrote: Wed Jul 10, 2024 10:02 pmI think the 400 is the sweet spot across the range
I can only agree with that statement, and its rarity only adds to that given how common the V8 R is. Lights blue touch-paper and nonchalantly walks off… :twisted:
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Post by MajorTom »

That is one stunning looking example. The only issue I have with the 400 is that it only came with a black interior but otherwise it's perfect.

As a package and spec wise I think the 400 is peak F-Type, especially in RWD form like the German chap's in those youtube videos. IMHO an F-Type just can't get better than that. Plus the rarity and that it was only produced in what is arguably the peak model year (all the latest bells and whistles but before OPF and before the 2nd facelift).
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