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Hi everyone.

This is just a short introduction, I’m Dan and I’ve worked for Adrian Flux Insurance for nearly 29 years.

If any of you on here have any general insurance queries or specific problems with Adrian Flux insurance please let me know. I have handpicked a small but dedicated team of staff who with me will try and assist you wherever possible. I can assure you we will be completely impartial despite being on the payroll of Adrian Flux. If we have messed-up we will acknowledge that and make efforts to get it corrected. If any of you do not understand an insurer’s viewpoint we will do our best to clearly explain it.

It could be problems ranging from simple paperwork issues to major claim disputes. With our many years of experience we should be able to answer most queries immediately. If there were issues or a problem that we can’t answer directly we would ensure that a relevant manager investigates these and we would then be able to relay an answer back.

I hope this will be of some help for you.

On behalf of myself and my team, thanks very much.


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Post by Frazer60 »

Having huge issues with your company right now.

Ive had a claim registered on my account that shouldnt have been. Youre asking insane money for my F-type and ive been hung up on twice now because people dont know how to transfer calls properly. Nearly 2 hours on the phone trying to get a simple quote and now i just want to cancel my other car with you tbh as its becoming a farce.
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Post by Gasman2 »

I had 2 claims on a work van and my runaround last year and you wouldn't touch me with a barge pole at renewal even as a 2nd driver and approx 1500 miles a year
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