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After trawling the internet for hours looking for F-type luggage, I though I would share this info, it may save you some time.
I bought the convertible for weekends away & holidays, so needed decent luggage which is easy to load, but taking up all the boot space, as you can`t afford to lose any with a boot this big!
Anyway, I tried the genuine F-type luggage after being convinced by the local dealer, "it was made for this car, it will fit", well it doesn`t, not even close, even with empty bags. So they went back with a full refund.
However, I did find a range which does fit, half the price & excellent quality, it is the Kiplin range.
the bags we bought are listed below, along with sizes, so any brand this size would fit.
Cases x 2; Youri 50, (29lts), 40cm x 50cm x 20cm
Soft bags x 2: July bag, (21lts) 22cm x 31cm x 45cm
small bag x 1; Palm beach beauty case, (7lts) 12.5sc x 20.5cm x 23cm
Toiletry bags x2
First aid bag x1, not Kiplin.
Please see pics below, Hope it helps.
Ignore the brightly painted walls behind, the pics were taken in our hotel in Fusson, we had a fantastic holiday driving around Europe, 8 countries, 13 hotels, 3000 miles, finished with a blat around the Nurburgring on the way home.
Cheers all,

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I wonder if the F Type luggage fits perfectly in the Coupe then? I'm sure I've seen photos of it being put in..
And this image certainly means to me that it would fit!

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Yes, I`m sure it fits in the coupe, I think the confusion is caused by all the luggage labels & adds, show the convertible, bit misleading I think,
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I CAN vouch for it fitting in the convertible!

We did a weeks trip (me and the other half) down to France last year with the Jagaur Enthusists Club and it all fitted in a treat. We didn't use the wash bag, though as there's no way the other half's products would all fit in there!! It does take some moulding, but it can be done.

Maybe you had initially packed the bags too full?
So, I wonder what didn't fit exactly?
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Super job Glen. Thanks for the info Thumbs Up
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I've stuck the compressor behind the driver seat as there is a small gap available and allowing more boot space for a six pack of beerWink
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I would be very surprised if there is any gap behind my drivers seat. It's as far back as it can go. Could do with a bit more movement if i'm honest.

There is potential space behind the speaker covers in the rear bulkhead trim....if you don't have the premium sound system fitted. I say potential, because there is a speaker cone shaped plastic structure there, but if it's never going to be used as a speaker mount why not make a decent storage locker out of it.
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Nice review! Very well modelled if I do say so myself Thumbs Up

Good to know that the F can be somewhat practical as well as fun.

The coupe seems to have considerably more room than the convertible, and i've had a double blow up airbed with compressor in there with plenty of room to spare (not inflated... obviously Embarrassed)

Trip sounds like a hoot as well, glad it worked out!

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For any guitar players out there I can confirm a Gibson electric guitar in its hard case fits very nicely in the coupe- so well it doesn't move at all when applying the g forces. My son was most impressed...
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A flying V doesn't though ;)
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