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Post by Delpel »

Now then Folks. For those of you who have had the P300 Back Box and Resonator mod carried out by MOD-Stock, can you tell me exactly what they do.

Also do you have any sound/video clips? I can't find much information and the guys haven't responded to my email request.


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I can't help bar give you my opinion of the work.

I have the 2017 V8 (pre particulate filter), they removed the back box, cut open 2x squares on top of the back box either side (therefore the repair can't be seen as this part faces up towards the boot once refitted) and they partially removed some of the "fluff" inside the back box. I had them do the "partial" mod, so they just removed a bit of the sound deadening fluff. Rather than what they call the "full" mod where they remove a lot of it.

I did it to just increase the noise a little bit, and that's exactly what it has done. Just a little more lively, more grunty. But no drone or horrible noise. The crackles are louder the gearshift grunts are louder.

I had tried a proper back box before that, I bought the VAP valved system and it was utterly horrific. Horrible loud noise which made the car lose all its "exotic" appeal. Was dreadful.

I defo recommend the Modstock lads, they have done enough of these cars now to know what they are doing, they are quick, tidy and professional. Gives us what we want, a bit more noise without sounding like a max power cherry bomb.

Go for it!
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