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A interesting weekend went to the classics car show at nec nice to give the car a long run but on getting back into the car on the way up the screen went blank Radio worked on the steering wheel so decided to sort when home. Got home late Saturday and on looking on sites it was suggested to disconnect the battery and check fuses in boot fuses ok so disconnected battery leaving boot open was in the garage when wife walks and shuts the boot as the battery is disconnected how can I get in this could be a problem?? .Checked if the was any way hidden switch/lever could not fine does anyone know if there is one? so was able to flick the rear shelf of its mounting by the seats and with my late fathers third hand was able to put the terminal back on the battery IT WORKED GOT IN the boot and the screen is back to normal so if anyone is working with the battery disconnected lay a blanket over back to stop the boot shutting .
Also the car returned about 34mpg fill to fill the app shows about 8%more has anyone else seen this ?

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You can also use the jump start points under the bonnet to give the vehicle power so you can unlock the boot.

The screen would go blank on my 2015 V6, when it was new. I think it was triggered by me using the steering wheel volume buttons to soon after the system started up. Locking the car and leaving it to shut down would always solve it. The problem disappeared altogether after the first service, so a software update was probably applied.
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Is there not an emergency key slot under the rear number plate for opening the boot with no power?
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Blanket (or old carpet) over the lock has been suggested many times before on here and elsewhere - you'll still have to train your wife not to "tidy up" before shutting the boot, though. :) Glad you managed to get it sorted!
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