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Post by PaulWildsmith »

My wife's 2021 model P300 will be due 4th year service next Feb/Mar. In preparation I've got dealer and a local independent quotes, around £700 from one (guess who!) and £500 from the other. I'm thinking of just doing it myself as there's' nothing complicated as far as I can see (oil and filter change, air filter, spark plugs) parts costing maybe around £150.

Any other suggestions or comments from anyone who has serviced the same before? Also would like to see the official service schedule if anyone has this. And finally, how to reset service light - I know the process for pre 2020 cars, but don't know if this is the same now.

Any help/advice welcome.
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Post by paddy1000111 »

Honestly the depreciation of the vehicle from a DIY service and lack of proper service history will be more than what you save by doing it yourself. I'm an aircraft engineer by trade and a service would be a cake walk but it's not worth it when you consider time. A basic service is £260 on my v6s so the extra cost for the next service up is just parts (filters etc).

A good Independent (jaguar specialist) is worth going to. Main dealer prices are a joke and you get better service from an indy. Things I wouldn't have even thought about like cleaning and wax coating the brake unions as theyre prone to rust are covered in my service. Not something I would expect from jaguar.
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Post by stefan9107 »

As a newer car I would get it done by the independent at least. I think servicing yourself is fine on something lower end like one of your kids 12 year old VW Polo's or something, but on a 2021 F Type it will hurt resale to not have that full history.
At the moment you've still got a car worth £40,000+, and most F Type buyers will pay close attention to service history. Even if selling to WBAC and others, they'll want evidence of a full service history or it will affect the price.

EDIT - if you do decide to go through with doing it yourself... https://osh.jaguar.com/

Type the VIN in and go to servicing information. Change service type to 48 months service and it'll give you the list of everything you should be doing.
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Post by gasgas »

don't see a problem myself, keep all your invoices for materials and a good level of detail what you did
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Post by cj10jeeper »

If you plan to keep the car a very long time and enjoy the idea of servicing it then go ahead.
If you plan to trade it in or sell in in the next few years then it's a killer on trade in value and considerably narrows your private buyer market. To paddy's point almost certainly reduce the value by far more than you'd save.

Personally I always maintain a full service on newer and valuable cars I own, including the F Type, but do all my work on pure long term hobby Jeeps that will likely never be sold and the last thing that would interest anyone is service history.
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Post by Tel »

As it's such a valuable piece of kit to me at least, OSH by way of Indy or dealer would my only choice.

FWIW - Back when we bought ours new in 2015, a 5 year service plan was available at £1500.
I've just negotiated another 3 year plan with a dealer and whilst not being as cheap as an Indy, ensures the OSH and paper trail is kept on sked and to manufacturers spec.

I've serviced/rebuilt and restored 2 and 4 wheel vehicles for over 30 years, but with the higher value Jags, I leave servicing to the dealers.
Get a good dealer, know the techs and you can get value'ish for money.
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Post by ianp »

I have a 2 year service plan with Jaguar Group 1. £45 pm, what's not to like?
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Post by PaulWildsmith »

Thanks for responses. I suspect we'll be keeping this car for some time, so service history likely to be less important, at least that's been my experience in the past (admittedly not with a F Type).
It just seems like a lot of money 'for old rope', and I have little confidence in my nearest dealer (last year they got the front and rear tyres muddled up as a mot failure) and the indy I tried isn't really much cheaper. Doing it myself at least I know what is done, saves some money and its all 'simple' things I can enjoy doing. Potential affect on future resale I'll take my chances (guessing the demand might be so high in 5 years time anything will go!).

Though I do pay a dealer to service my 5 years old Volvo S90 - but at least you get free map software, car software updates and oncall subs all included.
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