Cost of Diff oil change

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Cluck, you will have to post your trip dtails as we are heading that way at the end of January:)

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Just changed the oil on my open diff. Fairly straightforward with some access a bit fiddly. I also cleaned the breather on the top of the diff. It's little yellow cap that clips on. Removed it and cleaned the bore with a cable tie.

Only one question for you all!

From what I've found the tightening torques for the filler and drain are the same at 27Nm. Is this correct?

The reason I ask is the drain plug felt right at 27nm with where it finished and clicked out. The fill plug however, felt like it was going to go on forever and I stopped when it had gone past the flush point. (Further than where it was when I undid it.)
The two plugs are significantly different sizes to each other and if 27Nm is correct for one (drain), I'm struggling to accept it's fine for the other (fill).
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