Water spots after washing

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OK I did not know that ..
thanks for the heads up

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The water is very hard in our area so invested in a water softening system six months ago, this combined with using ground water/rain water for rinsing the cars and no more water marks. Previously used quick detailer to remove any water marks.
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40 litres of demin water is roughly £1 from a Spotless Water self service station. I use a camping shower to final rinse the car, maybe 10 litres, then blow most of it off with a pet drier.
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Kaspa wrote: Fri Jun 21, 2024 10:17 amalso yes our drive needs weeding a job for this week
I bought one of these for my Mum and she's been questioned by a few people when using it, an absolute time saver for block pavers and no aching back or being bored silly
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I've taken to running the condenser tumble drier water through a coffee filter and using that to rinse the cars with at the end. The water is testing consistently at <5ppm. It takes a long time to save enough up though!

I have DI canisters but the standard water here is just over 300ppm and the resin is going off so quickly that I can't be bothered getting refills now unless the price drops significantly. I now try and blow the water off quickly but as the temps are now getting up it is almost impossible to do that before the water has dried.
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