How many SVRs are there.

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Much appreciated Dazarooni.

Weather was perfect that weekend.

We went in a group with several Porsches and BMWs. It was amusing watching the SVR garner all the attention at a few of the scenic overlooks we visited.

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I don't know ... but I wish I had one, would be happy with a R as well
Oh well .... going back to my humble egg whisk V6
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kaspa wrote: Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:49 pm I don't know ... but I wish I had one, would be happy with a R as well
Oh well .... going back to my humble egg whisk V6
Don't compare yours to an R, compare it to a 4-pot. Not so humble now, eh? ;)
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109 in total registered in the UK, so a pretty rare beast! 13 of which are currently SORN.
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How many did they make in total world wide? I haven’t seen any others near me (gibraltar or the Costa del sol).
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SVR.... 👍


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Very nice car!

I cannot help with worldwide production but for UK.......

From Department for Transport - Cars registered for the first time by make and model

From Q1 2016 to Q1 2018 there were 139 v8 SVR registered for the first time on UK roads.
From Q1 2017 to Q3 2019 there were 249 v8 SVR AWD registered for the first time on UK roads. (No data for 2019 Q4 yet - due end of April)

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My Pride and Joy brought from new There were Three SVRs that went on this trip to the Nurburgring was interesting experience overtaking a police car at 130 miles and hour


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