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Post by MikeM »

You could have the originals dipped. It’s a cheat but I saw it recently on a cars wheels and body parts and it looked good. Maybe worth a call/quote with these guys.

https://www.wickedcoatings.co.uk/carbon ... g-gallery/
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Post by MarkP »

Thanks, I'lk look into it. Theres alao imitation carbon vents for £349 on Ebay. Not sure if any forum memebers have ever bought them but if so would be good to know if they are worth it or if anyone knows the Jaguar part number so I xan see if I could find originals somewhere (appreciate these would cost a lot).
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She looks very nice, congrats on the purchase.
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simpleR wrote: Tue Nov 07, 2023 11:02 pm Hi and welcome.

Looks like car 45104. Enjoy.
How do you know this ?

If each car has its own number can you get a build spec for each number ?
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So really cant get changing the bonnet vents out my head. Good suggestion in the thread for carbon dipping, other option is the immitation carbon vents on ebay. I also thought as the wheels, splitter and diffuser are gloss black should I get the current vents sprayed gloss black? The spec on mine has the sides of the wing in gloss black not body colour so thought it could tie in well. What do people think of spraying the vents gloss black?
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Post by jagseven »

I think gloss black could work - maybe buy a used set of non carbon fibre vents (not sure what they might cost?) and paint those? Means you can go back to colour coded if you change your mind.
The problem with carbon dipping is it never looks quite as good as the real thing.
The eBay imitation vents on eBay look the part but hard to judge the quality from photos. Here is a photo of my OEM carbon vent in case in helps


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Post by MarkP »

Wow its gona have to be originals. Will have to wait, the wife is happy I got the car but hit the roof when I said just over 2k for the vents less than a week after I got the car. I'll keep a lookout every day to see if can get them for any less or in future the wife may not notice when I get them.
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